Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you accept insurance?

We do not accept insurance. We believe that insurers often come in between patients and their physician, and that medical care has been designed for insurers, and not patients, for way too long.  The traditional fee-for-service model of care means that doctors only spend minutes with patients. As reimbursement rates decline, physicians are compelled to see more and more patients just to stay in business, and they spend much of their time filling out paperwork for reimbursement from insurance companies. In the end, the quality of care suffers and the cost of care escalates.

Our physician has worked in value-based health care companies in the U.S. and studied lean, high-quality models of health care in other countries. She truly believes in a model called direct primary care, which removes third party payers, simplifying the health care experience and making primary care less expensive. This allows medicine to harken back to the way it used to be- personable, inexpensive, effective, and relationship-based.

Is this a form of concierge medicine, and only available to wealthy people?

We truly believe that this model should be the future of care in the U.S. We believe that our health care model could benefit people of all income brackets.  We want our clinic to be available to both young and old, and available to those who may currently have no insurance at all with no options for good health care. We want to be a place for families, working people, and the elderly.  There are also thousands of practices following this model across the U.S.

At our monthly membership fee of $65/month for most adults, our innovative model of care is less expensive than many American's cable or cell phone bills, or their monthly discretionary expenses for entertainment, clothing, or dining out. This fee provides all of your primary care, and many of your urgent care needs each month.

Compare this to the current state of many working people and families in the U.S. that pay hundreds of dollars in expensive insurance premiums each month, in addition to paying co-pays for every office visit, and paying out-of-pocket for labs, imaging, and any other procedures because of high-deductible plans. A high0deductible or catastrophic plan, or health-sharing membership, combined with Healios Health's subscription service could save you hundreds of dollars per year, which makes the monthly membership fee very affordable in comparison.

Does my membership meet the ACA requirement for insurance?

This is not insurance.  We cover all of your primary care needs with one monthly membership fee, which does not meet the insurance requirement for the ACA.  However, you may use money in your HSA (health savings account) to go toward your monthly membership or other fees. If you have insurance, you may use it to go toward medications, labs, and diagnostic studies. Many of our members combine their monthly membership with a high-deductible, catastrophic health insurance plan to meet ACA requirements.  Many members save money by combining the two, compared to their traditional insurance plan. 



We support you on your journey to being well.