We want to make health care simple, and we want members of our community to be well and thrive. To do our small part on the journey to better health, we have created a holistic practice that puts you at the center.

First and foremost, we want to get to know you, and want you to feel at home at our practice. We want our members to feel loved and cared for as people, regardless of their background.  And because we have a smaller panel of patients, we are able to spend more time with you and get to know you as a person.  We believe the foundation of primary care should be about these relationships.

We want you to interact with your care team even when you're feeling well. We are about prevention, personalization, and positivity, and we want to be a resource for more than just sick care. We believe that health and wellness is not just the absence of physical illness, but it happens when you have good relationships, secure finances, connections to your community, and also when you manage stress and live your purpose. We look at all these dimensions of wellness to help you live a full life and keep you well.

We makes ourselves available to you! You never have to wait more than a day or two for an appointment if you need to be seen. And when you visit us, we want you to start feeling better the moment you check in. As a member, you also have virtual access to the doctor 24/7, by email, phone or text. We thoughtfully integrate technology and allow you to schedule appointments online, and communicate with us in any way you prefer. We are available after business hours to answer questions or direct you to care if you need it. 

We are transparent in our pricing, and pass on our savings to you. We make relationships with wholesale medication providers, imaging centers, and diagnostic labs, and charge you discounted rates. In most circumstances, you can pay all these fees through your online account with us.   We cut out insurance companies and third party payers to make preventive and primary care less expensive, and higher quality.

By becoming a part of Healios Health, you become a vital voice in our future. Members periodically meet to discuss ways we can improve our services, decide which programs to implement, form support groups and become peer coaches. Our patients are happier and healthier, and impacting our patients in a positive way is our top priority.